Real Life Solutions

Frequent Outdoor Time & Space


The fresh air does wonders for the joy we feel each day.  Children and adults of each classroom use the outdoor space daily.


There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!

Premium Nutrition


Bright Light offers breakfast, lunch, and two snacks each day.  These opportunities focus on whole, local foods and offer children many chances to try new foods.  

Meal times are a chance for children to develop self help skills as well as learn behaviors around food as a nutrient.

Consistent Staff


Staff at Bright Light work in teams of 2 or 3, and 7-10 people make up each age group specific.  Our goal is for families and children to have the same staff caring for them over 20-30 months of time.


Consistency of staff is acheived as children are planned to stay in each classroom for 20-30 months. 





















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