Childlike Wonder

Children learn each and everyday, wonder is the language of a child's development.  


The question "what do you wonder today?" can easily be followed up with the question "what did you learn today?" 

Play is Learning


Bright Light provides parents a secure, reliable, and premium environment where children will lead in play-based learning and enriching early childhood experiences.  This engaging, recurring setting will enable them to develop the confidence and skills needed to successfully transition to their youth.


High Scope Curriculum is a framework of daily routines and 'ways of being'; the Curiosity Approach and a significant number of outdoor experiences support the High Scope daily routine and curriculum.

Relationship Based

We strive to create an inter-connected system among the staff, families, and children of Bright Light Early Care & Education, which will last a lifetime and transform the community landscape around us.


We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through shared experiences, and ultimately positively support the development of your chid and family life. We value the whole child, their intricacies and uniqueness. We look to the family network and shared spaces to develop these understandings.


"The greatest compliment which was ever paid to me, was when someone asked what I thought and attended to my answer."

- Henry David Thoreau

Meeting Daily Needs

It is said that humans have 3 basic needs shelter, food & water - Bright Light supports these with everyday solutions and family engagement.


Families contirbute components of the care model, a detailed list will be shared at time of enrollment.


Food and Nutrition at Bright Light covers all of the bases and some extra!  Through a series of Battle Creek partnerships, meals are catered into the center which offers children a variety of premium food options, many of which have local components.


The center of Bright Light is built in a historic barn, Sullivan Dairy Barn. We host a 1 acre, ground based playground in Downtown Battle Creek, come explore.

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Lindsey Potter


Lindsey leads Bright Light as an experienced Early Childhood professional with experiences ranging in ages 0 - 12 and supporting care from single family care to 300+ children at summer camp.  


As a leader of Early Care communities, Lindsey has both worked as a director and a supporting agent in the early childhood settings in Calhoun County, Michigan. 


Nationally, Lindsey has been recognized as a High Scope Certified teacher, a member of the Farm to ECE Network, and Shared Services team member.

Early Care Staff

Early Learning Teachers will support the classrooms with children ages newborn to 2 1/2 years old. 


Early Care teachers focus on daily connections with the children and families. We fulfill daily needs, such as nutrition, rest, and care, provide enrichment through novel play items, have comforting enviornments, and hold loving routines to make space for children and teachers to enjoy their days.



Preschool Staff

Preschool Teachers will support classrooms with children ages 2 1/2 to pre-Kindergarten.  (On school breaks, many of these staff will also support students ages 5-12.)


Preschool teachers focus on the development of children who are moving through cognitive stages related to their independance and autonomy as well as skill aquisition and development.   Preschool teachers often spend time reflecting, supporting, and offering support to children to maximize their learning curve.