Early Care and Education Center

Children deserve premium care within a grand child care setting - this includes child appropriate spaces filled with loving and consistent adults, rich and diverse food, and play (both indoors and out) as the building blocks to the essential framework for learning during childhood. 

Families should expect a predictable caregiving environment for their children which brings forward a sense of 'peace of mind' and confidence regarding the care and education being provided. Quality care will be demonstrated to families through services and communication that reflect current best practices, family input, and warm, caring adults. 

The staff of Bright Light Early Care and Education (Bright Light ECE) will deliver this experience by being a diverse group of highly qualified individuals.  Part of creating this learning specific culture for children will include staff having strong support networks, safe and clean work environments, and competitive compensation.  Leaders will create an environment in which staff are acknowledged and highly valued as they work with young children and their families.

Early Care and Education in Battle Creek emboding these three truths will fill a niche which will serve a basic community need in a high quality way.

Opened February 1, 2022

Center Mission

Bright Light provides parents a secure, reliable, and grand environment where children will have play-based learning and enriching early childhood experiences that will enable them to develop the confidence and skills needed to successfully transition to their youth.

Center Vision

We create an inter-connected system among the staff, families, and children of Bright Light ECE, which will last a lifetime and transform the community landscape around us.

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